Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yeah--Number 23!!

I have learned such amazing things during this Learning 2.0 journey. Right now as I look back, there have been MANY useful tools that I would like to go back to and explore further to use them in my everyday life. I feel empowered now that I have different resources to use to assist patrons at the library and to know what other people are doing on their computers! Rss feeds are amazing, and flickr, and youtube and wikis and tagging and facebook, etc, etc. are all in my vocabulary now and I can say that I know about them and have used them. That is quite the accomplishment in my mind. I think my greatest accomplishment was finding a clip of a Brabara Streisand concert that I attended and setting up an RSS feed to get it to post onto my blog. When I accomplished that feat, I thought I was ready to take on the world! I was so happy.
Thanks for the journey! Let's go on another one real soon!~

Shazam! Second Life!

That's it!! It's an online world where people meet, date, conduct business and travel with virtual identities and pseudonyms. Now I know what my 18 year old son is doing-because they don't tell you anything! Hooray! My son is ADD and I now could see why he is so interested in the second life world. It allows a person to role play and it sort of trains the brain while having real time conversations BUT in a make believe world! I think this would make a great therapy tool for children and adults alike. I actually think my son rents one of his characters out to someone else in one of his game situations because my son has brought the character to such a high level that he is aksed to rent the character by people who cannot achieve such a high level of play. Not sure on that one though, but I can't wait to ask him!
I understand that it has virtual beaches too--cannot wait to explore this further!!

Facebook is neat!

I found facebook to be really cool to use. I discovered sites of my niece and nephew's who live in Florida and my niece in Fairfield. I can see why my daughter (13 going on 30) is dying to have a facebook account. It doesn't seem to be as bad as a myspace would be but I have to explore it further before I give her the okay! I joined an area network where I found some softball Moms and Dads of girls on my daughter's team...I was quite excited! Again, I think I could spend hours navigating around the website looking for new adventures!

Discovering Web 2.0 tools

There were so many sites to select from the list of Web 2.0 Awards winners that interested me. I loved the Farewatcher from the travel section and I loved Zillow from the real estate section and etc.etc. It's just so time consuming but so interesting to look through and experience some of these sites! But I know I will be using a few that I have found on a regular basis.
All these nw information tools are really awesome!
I think this is great!


Technorati Profile

Friday, December 28, 2007


Wow-this is neat! I love to explore all the tags because it brings me to many interesting sites that I would never have thought to explore. I loved the travel tag and I even found some new sites to buy big & tall man clothing for my son.! Hooray! I love del.icio.us!